A T E N O G E N E S & J O S E


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Father Atenogenes and son

José are accomplished distillers, particularly when tasked with distilling agaves that belong to the the Karwinskii family (Bicuixe, Madrecuixe), which is endemic to Oaxaca. Atenogenes and José cultivate and harvest their own Madrecuixe outside of San Isidro Guishe, where their small palenque is located. The father and son mash their agave with a large stone called a tahona that is pulled by a bull, ferment the resulting mash and tepache in pine and cypress tanks with well water, and double-distill their spirit in copper pot stills. Between the two of them, father and son distill about 2,000 liters annually, usually from agaves Espadín, Bicuixe, and Madrecuixe. 

Batches To Date:

MC01 - 300 liter batch Madrecuixe. Released to IL and mid-Atlantic

EN02 - Bicuixe-Madrecuixe blend (23% / 77% by weight) Released to IL, CA and NY.


Madrecuixe mash fermenting in a large pine vat.

Madrecuixe mash fermenting in a large pine vat.